The stated intended job scope below are areas where they are relevant to our
team's past education, training, work experience and well established
connection, therefore we may carry them out in Vietnam or other countries and
able to resume the responsibility immediately or during the short to medium
term. We believe the scope setting out below would enable us to play a part in
directing the organization towards the goal by maximizing the shareholder
value of the investment in Vietnam or other location. With versatile and
discipline, in longer term, we look forward there is chance available to involve
more directly in strategic decision in either operation, finance and marketing.
Therefore, during the immediate and medium time span we would probably
involve more in supporting role by creating value, while in longer term, we
move slowly into more direct line function after mastering well the
organization's culture.

Intended job scope and areas of development: -

Corporate Governance

Either your organization is a successful Public Listed Company or small to
medium size set up. In order to provide shareholder more confident, corporate
governance is an important topic to manage, and recently become a most
critical issues around the globe.

With permission of the Board, we would like to organize a small team of
internal audit personnel to help the audit committee in its supervisory function.
The team will report to the audit committee in the Company’s headquarter on
quarterly basis.

This service could either out source to us, helping your company to train the
internal auditor or carrying out internal audit on as and when request basis.

We believe this is an important priority as Vietnam or other developing
countries still being viewed by investor as a high risk country in term of
operation and investment, therefore, strong internal audit to achieve better
governance standard could help to increase overall shareholder and
management confident.

Effective internal audit procedures are not only fulfilled its primary
responsibility of  ensuring company’s policy and procedures are being
strongly observed, but also helps to identify potential areas for improvement in
order to achieve better profitability. This could be done through implementing
more effective process and control. The internal audit function could also take
part in system revisions and enhancement by through the mean of active
involvement in business process development.

Creating Integrated Management Information System

With investment commitment in different geographical location, effective
Information Technology system in short, medium and longer term is a must, in
order to bring the company into the next level of competitiveness. Advance
Management Information System (“MIS”) is the heart of an organization in
driving and directing the business decision, and so to drive the entire
business forward. It is too common now that almost all the world-class
company is equipped with ERP system.

Our team is not a software expert in this area, but we work closely with either
ERP vendors or software house. We are able to select trustworthy vendor for
appropriate area of work. With our familiarity of accounting information flow,
and well understood of users’ requirement in various departments within the
organization; couple with our working experience in e-commerce solution
company. We look forward to carry out this work by project manage basis, and
work through various stages i.e. software evaluation, vendor selection, system
analysis,  implementation, testing, go lives and post implementation
maintenance. We will look after the "wish list" usually required by the software

The successfully integrated management system project only is based
strongly on the understanding of users’ need at various departments, in turn
each user department must well understood of their organization's direction. It
requires extensive communication, organization change education, planning
and study before it is feasible to commit. It is also required on going
maintenance and upgrading.

Strategic Planning

We have experience in helping company formulating overall business strategy.
We adopt the process of gaining sufficient industry insight via intensive
management interaction, intelligent information collection, analysing internal
financial data, analysing external market environment, well grab the
organization's culture and people's mind set before proceed through proven
methodology and forming the strategic direction.

Also contribute to the development of the annual business plan and budget.
Implementing key performance index with balance score card concept, so to
be in congruent with the company ultimate target.

Merger and Acquisition

Our team have done several merger and acquisition due diligence exercises
in China and Vietnam.

Prior to the new acquisition, we looking to assist in feasibility study, risk and
profitability assessment, assets appraisal and due diligence etc.

We will access your pre and post acquisition company structure, and help you
to optimize the financial structure. We are also very much looking forward
involving in post acquisition operational plan.

New Investment

We could assist in feasibility study and investment evaluation for the new
investment activities. In finance aspect, we will advise on financial
restructuring. And, in legal aspect, we will work with corporate lawyer in order
to accomplish the task with minimum cost.

Except the above, we are able to involve in post acquisition operational
management, which probably your organization needs prior to the maturity of
the new management team. We can also assist in capacity planning,
designing business processes, inventory management and control and
demand forecast etc.


When any commercial organization crosses the border; the tax matter would
not be a straightforward matter. With careful tax structuring, it could save a lot
of legitimate tax liability. Local tax compliance could be also a hassle. Our
team has extensive tax experience and we have a team member who has
dealt with many complex tax cases in the past.

Create Effective Reporting System

As a new operation, it is required to establish an effective reporting system not
only to meet the internal management operation purpose but also various
other statutory requirements for both local and overseas requirements. We
have experience in creating the procedures and guidelines, and train staff to
prepare a good reporting pack.

We are certainly able to help the senior management reviewing various
financial reports, providing insight analysis and feedback in order to facilitate
decision-making process.

Human Resources Development

We can assist your organization in setting up of human resources system in
the areas of goal setting, coaching, staffing and motivating, recognition and
rewards, supporting development and various other kind of employee scheme.

We are also providing accounting, financial management and other related
areas of training to your staff.
Standard Proposal
See Business Process Re-engineering ("BPR") for small business.
See Management Information System for SME