Vietnam History
This documentary shows the details of Vietnam's history
and its development since and before entering into
colonial era.
Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam - An

at courtesy of Nick J. Freeman
This is a more former academic research study about Vietnam's
general investment atmosphere. Nick's research is quite in line
with what probably most foreigners would have read or known
about Vietnam.

Western commentators or authority asking Vietnamese
government to let the country be more opened in order to stimulate
trade and commerce. Vietnam is indeed enjoying healthy growth
since it opened up for foreign trade two decades ago. However,
Vietnamese government is particularly cautious about the country's
stability and likely social problem if the gap of rich and poor is
widen due to over heating economy development, therefore,
certain economy sectors are slow in its pace of development due
to lack of foreigners' involvement. But the government is not
unnoticed, it is always needed to strike the balance between
development and social cohesiveness.
Vietnam Overview