Jerry Chew Peng Guan
CA, Malaysia
CPA, Singapore

Manage accounting, finance, investment and strategic business matters.
Taking part in directing the organization towards the strategic goal.
Guarding organization’s assets and maximizing shareholders’ return.

        Financial & Strategy Planning
        Complex business issues
        Business & Financial Analysis       
        Merger, Acquisition & Investment
        Staff Management & Development
        Accounting, Financial & Internal Control

Provide direct support to CEO and Board members over wide range of
business, accounting, finance, taxation, investment and corporate
governance issues. Impart leadership quality and catalyst to change.

Grown and educated in Chinese, subsequently, trained, worked and
developed by the mix of Western and Eastern value. Qualified and trained
with a renowned British accountancy institution and big four firm. Study
post-graduate in a well-established University in New York, United States
of America.

Proactive in learning and applying competency in the fast changing world.
Lead by example with professionalism and integrity. Live with foundation
principle of serving people as meaning and purpose of life.

Solid living and business experiences across different countries in the
Asia Pacific region. An avid reader, knowledgeable and extremely
resourceful in problem solving. Constantly seeking value-adding
opportunity under various different working conditions. Train and refine
various skill sets across several different countries and societies.

A fit and regular runner. Enjoy group run and participant of various
international marathon events.

Career History

TSG Group Inc., HK/Vietnam - June 2007 to present
Group Financial Controller

Golden Westlake, Hanoi
Deputy General Director

TSG is a Hong Kong founded Group, actively engaging in Vietnam’s
property development, hotels operation, education, trading and
distribution. We built high-end apartment and villa; provide office spaces
to multinational companies and prominent government organizations. We
own, built, market, run and manage property. We own and operate
hotels, games, entertainment, food and beverages outlets. We sell and
distribute sewing machines, textile software and spare parts. We provide
engineering products for building with consultation, installation, after
sales warranty and maintenance services. We are also own and running
the kindergarten, after school programs and provide higher education in
hospitality management and culinary arts.

My role is to provide leadership and direct management in finance and
business operations across different companies in the Group. Fully
responsible for continuing operational improvement, accounting, Group
consolidation, budget planning, internal controls, and continual
improvement in finance and accounting system within the Group.
Working closely with the management teams of the Group’s various
companies to establish and refine financial policies, processes and overall
business operation systems. Recruiting and managing staff in the finance
and accounting of each subsidiary company.

Take charge of financing and capital structure. Plan and design for
offshore investment structure, tax planning and legal issues. Team
member of acquisition activities.

Focusing in Golden Westlake’s property project since at its beginning of
construction and into different phases i.e. marketing, leasing, completion
and currently property management.

Accomplishments: -

Built a stable finance and accounting team for the Group and each
subsidiary. Implemented SUN accounting and business system Group
wide. Solving the most unconventional ways of the accounting and
business processes. Achieve consistent on time closing throughout the
entire Group over long period of time. Low to zero staff turnover.

Implemented Cadena Human Resources and information technology
infrastructure Group wide, so the Group moves upward to be in pal with
international standard of operations.

Granted by founder to revamp the entire Group’s working culture.

Vedan International Holding Ltd, HK/Vietnam - 2003 to 2007
Manager, Group Business, Investment and Accounting

A company listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange with business activities
in food and bio-chemical products. This is a very first largest investment
in Vietnam successfully listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Working with the CEO, Board members and coordinating various
projects. Details of roles and responsibilities: -
        Wide range of business strategy and investment appraisal.
        Promote investor relationship and developing corporate well being.
        Preparing Group reporting, Group consolidation accounting and
responsible for banking and finance. Provide first line direct assistance to
CEO, COO and CFO in wide range of short, medium and long term
        Lead, manage, train and retain staff.
        Provide management advice to CEO.
        Performing detailed analysis works in various forms and
collecting intelligent information for business decision.
        Financial, treasury and internal control activities.
        Budget and forecast preparation for the Company and Group,
review and revise.
        Detailed costing study, review and revamp.
        Project feasibility study.
        Forecasting agricultural products and raw materials prices.

Accomplishments: -

Successfully forming an execution office situated in a village 70 km away
from Ho Chi Minh City. Discharge almost all the requirements of the
Hong Kong Stock Exchange and offshore companies. Achieving this by
successfully train and retain capable staff. Persistently working to
dissolve issues strategically, big picture focus. Wining CEO and Board
members’ recognition through proven innovative and professional ways
of working.

Act as a catalyst to change by advising CEO with world-class example
and substantiating with solid data. Gaining recognition throughout the
entire organization by good example. Dealing effectively with people from
very different backgrounds with flexibility and trust.

Short Term Consulting, Singapore/Vietnam - Jun 2003 – Aug 2003
Project Consultant

Work alongside with a Singapore acquirer to carry out due diligence
exercise for a local private enterprise in Vietnam. The target is a highly
potential LPG distributor in Vietnam.

Accomplishments: -

Acquirer and owner offered to involve in post acquisition operation.
Subsequently working with the owner and successfully sold part of the
company’s equity to a well-known investment fund.

Applied business acumen so instinctively which created a millionaire
Vietnamese individual. The touch and process have already led to a new
born of tomorrow’s most successful company.

BeXcom Pte Ltd, Singapore        2001 – 2003
Head of Finance and Accounting

E-Commerce solution provider with office round the globe. The
Company was funded by Singapore government and invested by Intel and
other high profile investors. Main responsibility was to supervise and
manage accounting, finance, audit, taxation, corporate secretarial and
administrative matters of the entire Group.

Accomplishments: -

Successfully process and complete the company’s capital reduction and
restructuring exercises. Sustaining through the most difficult period with
the company and ensuring all high profile investors were well answered.

Informatics Holdings Limited, Singapore - 2000 – 2001
Finance Manager

The Company is listed in Singapore Stock Exchange, the main business
activities are IT education and training provider. Heading the internal audit
department and in charge of accounting and finance matters for a newly
set up e-learning portal. Work directly under CEO.

Accomplishments: -

Performance was well recognized by the CEO. Chairman scholarship was
offered for postgraduate study. Addressed critical issues with clear
business objective.

Informatics Holdings Limited, Singapore         2000 – 2001
Finance Manager

The Company is listed in Singapore Stock Exchange, the main business
activities are IT education and training provider. Heading the internal audit
department and in charge of accounting and finance matters for a newly
set up e-learning portal. Work directly under CEO.

Accomplishments: -

Performance was well recognized by the CEO. Chairman scholarship was
offered for postgraduate study. Addressed critical issues with clear
business objective.

KPMG Asia Pacific Region        1994 - 2000
Advisory & Assurance Manager

Assigned and seconded to work with KPMG Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ho
Chi Minh City Vietnam, Taipei and Malaysia.

Managing audit and assurance services for wide range of clients base in
different industries. Public listed, multinational companies and banks
throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Take charge of special due diligence projects and taxation works for
foreign investment businesses.

Serve clients with sincerity, honesty and proactively. Consistently
showing results, identifying and addressing the need of clients.

Accomplishments: -

On behalf of the firm, managed to secure appointments from multi-
national companies and banks. Effort was well recognized by partners of
the firm and granted opportunity to work in several offices round the

Trained and grown with the firm from a junior to managerial position.

BDO Binder Hong Kong - 1992 - 1994
Audit Assistant

Special audit for initial public offer of large China State owned

Statutory and special audits for companies listed in Hong Kong Stocks
Exchange. Works on largest enterprises and Banks in Hong Kong.

During this period, onsite challenge of toughness to work in the primitive
Mainland China were learned and experienced. Foundation of how to
foster teamwork and take charge was laid during this stage of early

Computer Skills and Hobby

        Word Processor: Microsoftword
        Spreadsheet: Microsoft Excel
        Presentation: Microsoft PowerPoint
        Avid reader
        Active runner


        English – Written and spoken
        Mandarin – Written and spoken
        Fujian and Cantonese - Spoken
        Malay language – Written and spoken – Fairly

Education and Professional Affiliations

        University of Buffalo, NY - MBA – 2003

        Vietnam Institute of Public Accountants, CPA – 2005

        Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore, CPA –

        Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, England, Fellow
Member – 1999

        Malaysia Institute of Accountants, Chartered Accountant - 1997

        Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, England,
Graduate – 1991

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